Studio Marí provides professional and top-notch service in a very elegant and clean atmosphere.

Best products are used as our basic soak, offering superior exfoliating and moisturizing qualities.

Enjoy Classical Manicure, French Manicure, Shellac, Sculptured Nails, Buff and Polish Shine.




You can choose between dry, wet or combined treatment of your feet. We provide different feet pampering techniques. A whirlpool soak revives feet, and then a brief exfoliation reveals soft skin. Nail shaping and cuticle care are topped off with polish and a massage using a deep hydrating lotion finish this pedicure. We also offer Spa technique where a warm, antioxidant paraffin wax treatment finishes this service for ultimate hydration, warmth and softness. Reward yourself with a professional care.


You will get help with your dermatological needs using different techniques benefiting to the skin, deep cleansing, revitalizing, peeling and massages.

We also offer hair removal from different parts of your body.



Hair styling

You are met with a relaxing ambience.

Our hairstyling services give you the conditioning first class treatment, colours, blowout and style you are looking for.

Our passion: helping people look beautiful and feel great.


There are several different ways of eyebrow shaping.

You will get a personal and professional advice about  the best treatment for you.

The best quality work is our goal.